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Happy Jack Belly Wrap
As low as $20.99
( Plus S & H )
Happy Jack Dog Diaper Straps
Only $11.99

There are many dog diapers on the market.  What why should I purchase a Happy Jack Belly Wrap over another brand?

Three words…NON-SLIP CHEST STRAP!   Happy Jack Belly Wraps are designed to keep the wrap in place.  Our pets are very clever and it takes no time at all for them to figure out how to slide a wrap off the back, especially if they have a slick coat.  Rubbing under furniture, rolling and even playing cause many “belly only” bands to slip off.  Our patent pending adjustable NON-SLIP CHEST STRAP insures that Happy Jack Belly Wraps stay in place.

Are these a disposable diaper?

NO.  Happy Jack Belly Wraps are meant to be used with a disposable absorbent pad placed inside to catch the urine. Happy Jack Belly Wraps are washable and dryable.  We have used the same 3 wraps for our JRT for over 2 years.  Refer to our “directions” tab for more information on absorbent pads.

Why don’t you offer the wraps in printed fabrics?

After experimenting with several fabrics, including the printed fleece, we found that the solid colors are more dense and of better quality.  While they are cute, the printed fleece is much thinner and didn’t provide the durability we were looking for in our wrap.  Because our wraps are wider than most, the thinness of the prints seemed to cause the wrap to bunch up in the belly area, thus becoming less effective.  Periodically, we will offer special printed wraps to our current customers if we feel the fleece is the quality matched by the solid fabric.

Will these keep my male dog from impregnating my female when she is in season?

We cannot make any guarantees that Happy Jack Belly Wraps will prevent unwanted mating. However, several of our repeat customers, who are breeders, claim the wraps have worked for them in preventing mating.  One breeder even told us that her male won’t even try to mount the female while he is wearing the wrap!

Are the wraps meant to catch solid waste?

NO.  Happy Jack Belly Wraps are designed as a device to hold an absorbent pad primarily for catching urine.

Can my dog still remain active and play while wearing the wrap?

YES.  The fabric we use is purposely cut to allow for stretch and movement while at the same time providing a comfortable, non-chaffing garment to solve your pups wetting problems.  Our JRT is far from constricted when wearing his wrap and playing with our other two dogs.

Can my dog be highlighted on your website?

OF COURSE!  Just email us with 3-5 photos of your pup wearing the wrap and we will add him to the slideshow!

Once I order, how long will it take to receive the Happy Jack Belly Wrap?

We have many of the colors and sizes already sewn. If you advise a 2nd choice on color, we can usually have one of your two choices sent the same day! Custom orders can take about 3 days to complete.  Our orders are sent via USPS and take approximately 2-5 business days to deliver.  Please keep in mind that we are a home business. On occasion, unforeseen circumstances may delay sewing and shipping but we will do our best to get the Happy Jack Wrap to you as soon as possible.