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Happy Jack Belly Wrap
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Happy Jack Dog Diaper Straps
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Happy Jack Product Review:
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1st Response:  Just got the mail and the package was there. LOVE
your wraps!!!!! I have tried MANY, but these are the best!!!!  They are
sooo nice and soft and fit him perfectly!!!!!!!!  You have a customer
for life!!!!!!   I know he'll feel more comfy with your wraps on!!!!!  I am
soooo glad Kathy found you and ordered and then told me about
2nd Response: Hi Cindy!!!!!! A long while back I ordered two wraps
from you and they are THE BEST I have ever used. They don't chafe
at all and AJ actually appears to want to wear them. Sounds weird,
yes. But if he comes in from outback and I forget to put them on, he
will whine at me until I do. SO!!! That says ALOT about your wraps.
Taberacle, NJ

Oh my goodness.  Thank you soooo much.  Hubby was ready to
wring my neck and I told to not worry I had a wonderful solution on
the way.  I am sure he will want to give you a big hug and kiss
himself once this comes in.. LOL  I hope you don't mind me telling
you a little about me and why I chose YOUR belly bands!  When I got
this little guy I decided right off that I was going to have to do
something different.  I have 4 growing boys ages 7 to 15 and I know
that I will not always be able to keep a real close eye on the little
guy, hence he WILL make piddles here and there and no one will
know till down the road.  NOT A HAPPY THOUGHT!  So, I decided
belly bands were the way to go.  So, the journey started.  Ebay was
my second stop.  Type in belly band in the search and all these
bands come up in every color, pattern, and material possible.  Not
really that many different designs to chose from, and none which
made any sense to me (at least for a lean little guy like mine)  I
figured right off the bat that the belly band would slip right off his
bottom and be long gone never to be found again.  And I wasn't
ready to pay prices that ranged from 5.00 to 20.00 for a strip of
material that I could fold and tie around him to make work as well.  
Then there were the OOPSIES (I think they are called) and I thought
okay those may work better ONLY because they had the cupped
area that might hold it in place.  UMMMMMM If I were a guy (dog or
human either one) I do NOT think I would want, errr, uhhh, well to
put it as kindly as I can the end of my manhood being rubbed raw
trying to hold that thing one while running around, OUCH!  So, I kept
looking wondering if anyone had made one attached to a shirt or
halter or something to help hold it on.  Then I came across your
listing for the suspender that you sale to use with other's belly
bands.  So, I decided to take a look at your auctions and - THERE
THEY ARE - I yelp excitedly ---- HOT DANG! SHE DID IT!!!!!!   THE
perfect solution.  So, I got one and can't wait to share the reviews.  
Because this is the only design that makes any sense at all.  So,
thank you so much for the work that you have put into these.  Many
blessings to you.
Beaumont, TX

Hi, the package arrived today and you may have just saved a poor
little Frenchie's life!  It is wonderful and he is currently wearing it
with a doggie T shirt over it.  I have a size 4 Huggie folded inside
out padding the "critical" area.  After a few minutes and a couple
sad sack tentative steps, he is adjusted almost immediately.  Thank
you Thank you Thannnnnnk you!  This fellow is a rescue and the
crate makes him crazy, but his marking is too much too.  If left alone
out of the crate he will jump on the bed or other furniture, find one
of the other dog's beds, or steal a towel and ball it up to wet on.  
The crate is awful for him and he will soak any bedding put in there
and he will grab the bars with his teeth and shake until his entire
front is wet from drool.  He was not just abused, but keep in his
crate at the puppy mill and when taken from there had feet swollen
to 3 times their size from standing in his own dirt.  This band will let
us give him a much better quality of life and get him ready for
placement.  I have your order form and if things are working as well
as tonight in a day or two, I will be ordering another of the same size
to use while this one is in the wash.
St. Clair Shores, MI

1st Response: Emmet is a major "marker" and even the vet and
numerous trainers haven't been able to help!
I've been using regular belly bands, but somehow he manages to
"spritz" out the front, even if it seems to be perfectly in place. He
also manages to scrape it off on the under side of the coffee table
or the bed frame. I wish he wasn't so talented. We keep telling him
it's a good thing he's cute! LOL!! Sorry to ramble on - I'm just excited
about finding the solution to the little piddles all over my house.
Thank you so much.
2nd Response: You probably don't remember me (us), but I ordered
a belly wrap for Emmet about 6 weeks ago. I love it (and he doesn't
mind it), so I'm ordering another.
It helps so much - Emmet loves to be under furniture - especially my
bed - and every time he comes out, he manages to pull the regular
bands off. He doesn't actually mind having them on, but the bed is
just a bit low and there is not enough clearance, so they catch and
off it comes!
Anyway, just wanted to let you know that there is another order on
the way!!
Thanks so much,
Bonnie & Emmet
Williston, VT