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Happy Jack Belly Wrap
As low as $20.99
( Plus S & H )
Happy Jack Dog Diaper Straps
Only $11.99
The Happy Jack Belly Wrap Story:

It all started when we added a third addition to our canine family with the rescue adoption of a Springer Spaniel/St. Bernard mix. This is when Hercules, our Jack Russell Terrier, started his marking and the search began for a solution.  Medical issues were ruled out. He showed no signs of being incontinent because he wouldn’t dribble throughout the night.  This only meant one thing…territorial marking!  

We tried several wraps only to have him learn how to wiggle them off. Rubbing under furniture, rolling on his back and his activity level with our Aussie and Springer/Bernard, often slid the wrap off from the back. The solution was the addition of a non-slip adjustable front strap. We couldn’t find any diapers on the market which offered what we needed for our little ball of fire so we decided to make our own.

As you can see from the many positive feedbacks, not only are Happy Jack Belly Wraps our solutions but a simple solution for others as well. The strap insures no slipping from the back. Happy Jack Belly Wraps really work!  We use soft fleece fabric so there is no chaffing and the wash and wear feature is great.  Hercules used the same three wraps for over five years .